Anticipation Exhibition

Navigating a sea of spectators, she finds her audience appreciating her latest work. Yet, beneath their subdued admiration flows an undercurrent of incomprehension. The dramatic changes of expression and audible gasps that defined her last showcase are completely absent. Instead, blank faces and hushed murmurs ripple across the room; reminding her of a time when she almost gave up art altogether. Her head is swimming and her legs are beginning to give out. Chilling nausea pulls the faceless mother of the exhibition down as a betrayal materializes before her eyes.

Remember, appearances have a strong tendency to be deceiving at these events. Self-comfort: a sensible reaction, but not enough to deter the waves of uncertainty that drown her with hopelessness. Her mind reaches toward a distant memory of an earlier work. The one where everything had gone horribly at the premiere but went on to become both critically acclaimed and often regarded as her finest work. She waits for reassurance to embrace her in its arms.

Yet, she is left alone. With the stark realization that reassurance is going to be withholding, it becomes clear her only option is to let go. But accepting her limitations cannot cease the endless cycle of despair into hope and its return into despair. Her doubts necessitated a compensation with positivity–maybe they would see what she saw in the work soon enough. Yet, the consequent joy always begat the original doubt–how soon was soon enough? Looking out at her guests, drink shaking in her hand, she marvels at their inner ponderings. What were they thinking? What could have gone wrong?

Tears are forming at the corners of her eyes when salvation dawns on her through the form of a revelatory thought. What if a piece depicted the pains of irresolution in regards to showing people your art? The art piece itself being a product of its own presentation. To disparage her work would only reiterate its intention; effectively commenting on the piece before the viewers ever got the chance. Such a work had seemed out of reach until now.


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