Eternal (Acc. Rejection Infernal) (Work in Progress)

I swim away from the shore. Glancing back, everything seems smaller in the distance. Waves wash over my face, taking me in like family. I swear I see myself on the shore. The waters pull me further. Overhead, clouds move faster, leaving months and years in their wake. With the shore now gone, the waters move from warm to cold to warm to cold to warm to cold to warm to cold to warm.

The same shore approaches on my horizon. The same self awaits my return. Gathering courage, I switch direction. I can hear the depths laughing. Clouds move faster in reverse, time refuses to turn, I continue on ahead. No destination in mind. Not even Pontellier could have dreamed of swimming this far.

These waters are beginning to feel lonely. I would do anything to see a shore, I would do anything to see my old self. The clouds slow in the sky and the waves settle. Everything becoming nothing becoming everything. I grow still.

Slowly, the waters spin and descend. Pulled downward, I reach up for clouds that are no longer there. Flames reach for me below. I stare up into a starless night. The waters release their hold on me. This is it.

I awake on the shore. In the distance, I see someone swimming away. Who are they? I return home, alone, sitting at my desk. I feel as if everything and nothing has changed. It is only a matter of time before…



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