More Fun Than Warranted [Excerpt From A Work In Progress…]

[Been working on this for a while and here’s an excerpt from it and I am curious if people will find it enjoyable. Not to be taken seriously by any means.]

November 2016 — Somewhere off 5th avenue

“It is growing late, as I am sure we are all well aware, and I believe it would be in all of our best interests if we reached a decision sooner rather than later.” A modest plea by one of the Board’s most immodest members, Devon Rowntree’s appeal to the Board was complete and utter bullshit. You could practically smell the shit off his breath from all the ass kissing he had been doing today. “Despite the concerted efforts of the DFA to settle things amicably, it appears we are going to have to consider more, for lack of a better term, aggressive means.”

Such assertions from Rowntree elicit a markedly mixed reaction amongst the rest of the Board’s members. Katherine Kopchak, for one, is very much into Devon’s “shoot first, ask questions later” mentality and, at times, well, most times, finds his penetrating masculinity to be all too much for her womanhood. She trembles in his presence. Monica Martinez, on the other hand, could give three shits about Rowntree’s grandiose and borderline chauvinistic performance when spearheading the discussion. A large gap between her own beliefs and those of whom she represents, whomever they may be, leaves her on-the-fence until further notice. Our last member who was currently having none of this, was Milton Henry, arguably of the entire Board the least powerful and most feminine.

With regards to Milton, “feminine” being used in the derogatory sense connoted when men such as Rowntree uttered statements such as: “Henry, why do you have to be such a feminine bitch all the time?” I kindly ask that such gender-bashing and decidedly non-P.C usage be overlooked given the irony of its attributor being Rowntree, a real cuck. With regards to Rowntree, “cuck” deriving from the root word “cuckold” denoted when Milton whispered complaints such as: “I don’t understand why Rowntree is so mean to me, Monica. He must be upset that his personal life consists of three daughters who don’t love him and, given the nature of his relationship with his wife, I suspect he is made out to be a cuck.” Not that any of this truly mattered, but a wide scope and a strong background in these meetings can mean everything.

While on the topic of backgrounds at hand, perhaps it would be in your best interest if I backtracked a bit…


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