The Flood (Late-Night Quick Sketch)

Wave upon wave upon wave upon wave… “You can stay the night if you want.” “I have to tell you, man, you are one of the funniest guys I have ever met. So, what are you doing after this?” “Oh my god, why are you here? Can you please just go home.” “So, you like read and stuff?” “Jesus Christ, you can’t do that…” “It’s just when I needed you the most, you never asked how I was doing. You just ignored me.” “That’s hilarious, when is this going to be?” “I don’t think I have your number on my phone.” “Never ask us for anything ever again.” “You don’t get to see what it’s like when you are not around.” “Good job, keep up the grades.” “Nothing is sacred anymore.” “How are you, man? You have to come visit soon.” “I’m getting back into the old music we used to listen to.” “I miss you.” “You don’t mean that.” “I’ve been seeing someone else.” “Do you have the time?” …wave upon wave upon wave upon wave.



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