Juxtaposition (Late-Night Quick Sketch)

A cold night, a streetlight casts a neon haze upon the corner. Blurs of cars move left and right. Waiting in the glass shelter of a bus stop, water droplets roll down the glass encasing like tears upon a face. The rain is coming down hard. Some sit on a bench, cramped together– either holding a child or being held by a parent. Others stand, huddling close together for warmth. Never had the world felt so close. Tonight, everyone is family.

Not her, though. She stood outside the crystal prism, an umbrella propped out from her backpack, face glowing from the screen of an iPhone. A lifetime passed the moment his eyes met her face. Smudged eyeliner transfigured into a circle of burning ash around eyes spotlighted from a dim iPhone glow. Light entered and refracted itself within her retina, amplifying a brightness her eyes welcomed. A kaleidoscope of chestnut, umber, and kobicha swirled in the body of each iris merging into the point of her pupil. The blithe twirling of her headphones in her hand manifested as an invitation. But an invitation for what? All he was certain of her eyes wrecked both himself and the rest of her face. For, how could a smile compete with the breathtaking beauty of those two blinking worlds? A smile can be worn, even put on, but one cannot fake what is in the eyes. So, when he noticed that the rest of her expression was rather empty, he was unsurprised. Perfection elsewhere would have distracted from the gift she possessed.

“You do realize she’s a n—-r?” His associate whispered, nudging him in the ribs. Though he did not hear a thing, he was completely gone. Nothing could touch this moment. Never had the world felt so close.









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