Another Hideous Man… (Late-Night Quick Sketch)

“No, no, no. You are thinking about it all wrong. It is not so much that there is a side that is right, rather that the act of siding is inherently flawed. We are talking about commitment in every sense of the word. To commit. To carry out, to perpetrate a mistake, a crime, an immoral act… One does not commit a great deed, there are connotations and denotations here. To pledge or bind oneself to a person or certain cause. Have you ever heard of narrow-mindedness? To entrust or consign someone and, may I ask you, when has it ever been a good idea to put one’s trust in another? We’re moving towards this raw transcendental notion of ignorance. Of doing without thinking. Even commit, in its relationship sense has never proven a good idea because as soon as one opens themselves up to another, as soon as one lets them in, so to speak, one has made the greatest error in judgement because committing to anyone is pure fantasy given you can never know for sure what they will never know for sure and it is all just one big ticking time bomb until that commitment is put to the test whereupon you will be committed for your lack of commitment and you will commit to trying to get your loved one to see how embarrassed you are, that she never meant a thing to you, the other woman, but that above all else it was the unbearable anxiety of committing to a woman so beautiful, so beyond compare that made it impossible for me to commit to a person like her because how could I commit when every guy that passes her does a double-double take, that is a total four takes, and when the commitment proves invalid and one is left alone the only person at fault would be the one who started the commitment in the first place. How can you not see this?”



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