To Bed (Late Night Quick Sketch) (Working on Characters and Dialogue)

A hand on her shoulder. “Sonia, my dear, are you still drunk?” Glenn asked, assured she was, but unsure whether she had been kept up to date. The apartment has emptied out by now. Sonia breaks out of a slurred murmur.

“I don’t know what it is, but there is something undeniably sexy about curvy Hispanic women. The low to the ground, big-bottomed ones. That’s not to say,” burping under her breath, “that other women aren’t sexy. I’ve dated plenty of White and Asian women in the past.”

“I know you have, but–”

“But a thick senorita. There is just nothing like it. Their hair so lush and their skin so soft. Their…” She is reaching for the bottle of tequila when Glenn grabs her by the forearm.

“Sonny, up here sweetie. Look at me, Sonia Carter listen to me.” Shaking her back from her fading existence. “I think it’s time you went to bed.”

“Went to bed? The night is still young!” She holds up her drink in celebration to a room of empty red solo cups and unclean dishes.

“It’s 4:53am, our party ended nearly five hours ago. You’ve been drinking yourself to death watching old episodes of Breaking Bad for I don’t know how long now.”

“Say my name!” She leans back in her chair trailing with a cackle.

“Sonny, I love you. I am your bestie, always have been by your side haven’t I?”


“Alright, come on, let’s get up. Time for bed.” Cradling her arm around his neck and onto his shoulder, he drags her out of the kitchen.

“You’re the best, Glenn.”

“I know.”

“Do you happen to know any short curvy Latinas, Glenn.”

“There’s one who works in human resources at my office, her name is Darlene.”

“Darlene, I bet she has some exotic South American last name like Gueverra or something. Could you be a pal and give her my number?”

“Do you need to use the bathroom before bed?”

“Nope, I should be fine.” She waddles to her bed and lands face-first into her mess of blankets. Glenn collapses next to her.

“Time for bed.”


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