Add to the Conversation in the Comments If You Would Be So Kind.

M: “The voiceless contemplate the prospect of what their voice may sound like.”

E: “So much time wasted thinking about what it means to think rather than having an original thought.”

M: “The recursion spelled out so clearly: Thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking–“

E: “One could get caught in such a loop for who knows how many years.”

M: “Would they be able to tell?”

E: “Would they even want to know?”

M: “These oscillations, however natural in occurrence…”

E: “…are unnatural in their existence.”

M: “Unsustainable.”

E: “Most definitely.”

M: “The stuff that keeps you up at night.”

E: “But what is to be done about such a thing.”

M: “One must simply look inside themselves.”

E: “Isn’t such inward looking the chief perpetrator of the problem at hand.”

M: “A good point.”

E: “A point good enough to dismantle your entire argument, do you realize what you’re talking about?”

M: “I can’t say I ever did.”


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